Welcome to the South Creekside Neighborhood

Bordered on the north and west by Joe Creek, the neighborhood includes the homes west of Harvard Avenue and north of Southern Hills. The Association provides structure for communication of neighborhood events through email, newsletters and, now, a website.

All neighbors are invited to the annual Association meeting which is held in March and where the board of directors is approved to serve for another year. The Association addresses any issue that is a concern to its neighbors. Because of security concerns, the Association started a Citizen's Alert Patrol (CAP) this year in which neighbors trained through the Citizen's Crime Commission patrol the neighborhood and report suspicious observations to the police. The Association has sponsored ALERT NEIGHBORS training seminars, installed ALERT NEIGHBORS signs and the police usually attend the annual meeting to give neighbors an update on crime.

An annual picnic is held in the fall for all neighbors to attend. Throughout the year, various beautification and clean up projects are coordinated by the Association. In years past the Association requested and was granted a VISION 2025 grant to plant trees along the 56th Street corridor (2006) and planted trees through Up With Trees at Nimitz Middle School(1997).

How You Can Join

The neighborhood is divided into Blocks with captains. A neighborhood directory is published by the Association and available to neighbors by request.

Membership to the South Creekside Association is not mandatory, but all neighbors are encouraged to join. Dues are $25 per year, due on the December 31st. (Dues are NOT tax deductible.) Checks may be made to the South Creekside Neighborhood Association and sent to the treasurer or paid through PayPal.

Annual Dues: $25.00

What Your Association Does For You

When a cell tower was planned on the Nimitz property (next to the school), the Association intervened, passed petitions and had the cell tower relocated (2009). During the aggressive tree trimming by AEP-PSO, the Association helped neighbors interface with AEP-PSO and improved communications between trimmers and neighbors (2006). Neighborhood integrity was preserved in 1994 when a multi-ballpark sports complex with concessions was suggested for Manion Park and the school fields. This was the catalyst for the formation of the Association.

Speed humps were installed to slow traffic down and school busses rerouted onto arterial streets instead of speeding through the neighborhood. The speed limit on 61st Street was reduced through the Association's request to study the high number of accidents along 61st Street and Delaware area.

The Association works with Grime Elementary and Nimitz Middle School passing along information and volunteer opportunities in the schools.

Get your user id and password for the website!

Every member of the association can have his or her own user account. User accounts are required to access some of the new features such as the neighborhood message board and special online forms for reporting covenant violations.

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